Transnational Organized Crime


Course Objective

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an in-depth
analysis of transnational organized crime. After this course students:
- have learned six theoretical perspectives on organized crime and are
able to apply theories to concrete cases;
- have learned empirical findings on specific criminal groups, criminal
activities, and the interaction between organized crime and the criminal
justice system; and are able to critically assess these empirical
- are able to critically assess scientific articles on organized crime
by writing a structured review of a scientific article;
- are able to apply both theoretical notions and general empirical
findings to concrete cases of organized crime and policy questions

Course Content

This course on Transnational Organized Crime involves both theoretical
perspectives on organized crime and empirical findings regarding
criminal groups and criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, drug
production, human smuggling, human trafficking, organized fraud, and
money laundering. Empirical findings will be confronted with public
policy questions and ideological and normative assumptions on the nature
of organized crime.

All lectures, which are an integral part of this course (and the exam),
are in English. The lectures are clustered into three parts:
- Part I: Theoretical perspectives on organized crime
- Part II: Criminal groups and criminal activities
- Part III: Organized crime and criminal justice

Teaching Methods

Lectures and seminars

Method of Assessment

Written exam and assignments

Entry Requirements



Paoli, L. (ed.) (2014). Oxford Handbook of Organized Crime. Oxford:
Oxford University Press (chapters available via UBVU: Oxford Online).

Additional literature.

Target Audience

Apart from regular Master students (Criminology), the course is also
available for:
Exchange students (please note that this is an advanced course; the exam
is in December and the resit in March; and there will be no exceptions).

General Information

Course Code
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Law
Course Coordinator prof. dr. E.R. Kleemans
Examiner prof. dr. E.R. Kleemans
Teaching Staff prof. dr. E.R. Kleemans

Practical Information

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