Bachelor Thesis Biology: Part 1


Course Objective

The aim of this course is to assist bachelor students in writing their
bachelor thesis in stylistically appropriate and grammatically correct
At the end of the course students will be able to:
- Write an introduction based on recent scientific literature on the
subject of their research project
- Adopt the right style and English grammar for scientific writing
- Give effective peer feedback
- Directly start with their research project during the internship that
immediately follows this course
- Use the learned writing skills and efficiently write their internship
report (bachelor
thesis) after the completion of the internship research

Course Content

In this course you will recieve, parallel to working on your research
project, an introductory
training in scientific writing in English. Here you will learn the basic
principles of reading and writing scientific literature: what is the
structure of a scientific article, how to write well-structured and
coherent paragraphs and sentences and what is appropriate punctuation,
grammar and vocabulary. You will apply these skills when writing a
preliminary version of the introduction of your bachelor thesis.

Teaching Methods

The course starts with an introductory lecture. To support you in the
writing of the proposal you
will have 5 work groups with a trainer in scientific writing in English
who will assess your preliminary introduction.

Method of Assessment

After completion of the course you will receive a " pass/fail" for the
preliminary introduction to your bachelor thesis/internship report by
the trainer in
scientific writing in English

Entry Requirements

Students must have passed the first and second year part of
the course "studievaardigheden en carriereorientatie" (AB_1214 and AB_
1220) before starting this course.


For this course, you need the book Effective Scientific Writing: An
Advanced Learner's Guide to better English (A. Bolt & W. Bruins, ISBN
978 90 8659 6171) available from the VU Bookstore

Target Audience

All 3d year bachelor students who have registered their internship

Custom Course Registration

It is not possible for students to enroll for this course via VUnet. In order to start this course the students are required to already have found an internship placement which has been approved and completely administered by the BSc Internship Coordinator Deadlines for approval and online admission are indicated in the Placement Manual. The latest version of the Placement Manual is available from the Bachelor Thesis Coordinator via Bachelor thesis: BIO - Part 2 (course code AB_1210) will start directly after completing this course.

General Information

Course Code AB_1209
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. M.P. Bergman
Examiner dr. M.P. Bergman
Teaching Staff dr. R.M. Meredith
dr. M.P. Bergman

Practical Information

You need to register for this course yourself

Last-minute registration is available for this course.

Teaching Methods Study Group*, Other*

*You cannot select a group yourself for this teaching method, you will be placed in a group.