Bachelor Thesis Biomedical Sciences - Experimental


Course Objective

Bachelor Thesis BIOMED - experimental (AB_1234) is an important part of
the bachelor study program. During this experimental period the student
will be able to further orientate and specialize in a field of
biomedical sciences.
After completing the bachelor thesis the student is able to:
- independently perform experimental research under adequate supervision
and the student possesses the practical skills to successfully do so.
- clearly record the progress of practical work and the obtained results
in a lab journal.
- clearly describe the experiments and explain and the obtained results,
both in a written report and by oral and poster presentation, making
adequate use of audiovisual equipment.

Level 300: specialization

Course Content

On the first day of the course there is a mutual kick-off meeting in the
morning, after which you are going to your placement department.
In the first week of this course you are in your internship department
and will make a number of appointments with your supervisor and will
start learning the necessary practical skills for the internship. From
the second to the sixth week of this course you will receive a training
in academic writing in English for half a day per week. Here you will
learn the basic principles of reading and writing scientific literature.
You will apply these skills when writing a first version of the
introduction to your internship report.
This training in writing is part of the bachelor thesis course and so is
working on the writing assignments.
Next to working on the academic writing exercises, you will work on your
bachelor thesis project, actively participating in a scientific research
program, and generate research data by doing laboratory experiments,
observational experiments, computer modelling experiments or a
combination of these research methods.
The experiments and results will be recorded in a laboratory journal.

Teaching Methods

Attendance for the kick-off meeting on the first day and the Academic
Writing sessions that start with an introductory lecture
is compulsory. To support you in the writing of the
proposal you will have 5 work groups (of 2h each) with a trainer in
scientific writing in English who will assess your English writing
For the bachelor thesis research project the student actively
participates in a scientific research program of a science department at
a university or a research institute.

Method of Assessment

Successful completion of the Academic Writing sessions is part of the
interim (Go/No Go evaluation) which takes place 4-6 weeks after start of
the bachelor thesis project. A "go" will allow you to proceed your
internship. The Go/No Go evaluation will be based on the written short
introduction to the report (pass/fail) as assessed by the trainer in
academic writing and on the student's attitude and scientific quality of
the written introduction (pass/fail) as assessed by the internship
The final assessment of the bachelor thesis will be based on students
attitude and professional
development (must be sufficient) and execution of the research project
(40%), a scientific report (40%), an oral presentation (20%) and a
congress poster (must be sufficient).


The Placement Manual (containing instructions how to find a suitable
placement project) is available in the Community Bachelor Biomedical
Sciences on Canvas and via

For Academic Writing:
A. Bolt & W. Bruins. Effective Scientific Writing: An Advanced Learner's
guide to Better English, 3rd edition (ISBN 978 90 8659 617 1)

Target Audience

All 3rd year bachelor students in Biomedical Sciences who fulfill the
requirements for admission to the bachelor thesis:
1. Completion of all the components of the first year (60EC) and at
least 42EC of the second year (of
which at least 18EC from the semester in which the bachelor thesis will
be done).
2. In addition, in order to start this course the students are required
to already have found an internship placement and registered the
application via StageApp before the deadline that applies to the
relevant semester (See dates below).

Custom Course Registration

Students apply for an internship via StageApp ( Students can start their bachelor thesis only twice a year, i.e., on the first day of each semester. The deadline for submitting a proposal for a bachelor thesis project in the first semester is 15 July. The deadline for submitting a project proposal for the second semester is 15 December. Self-registration on VUnet is not possible for this course. Students are registered for this course by the Bachelor Placement Coordinator upon approving the proposed project via StageApp

Explanation Canvas

The Placement manual can be found in the Community Bachelor Biomedical
Sciences on Canvas

General Information

Course Code AB_1234
Credits 24 EC
Period P1+2, P4+5
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. M.P. Bergman
Examiner dr. M.P. Bergman
Teaching Staff dr. M.P. Bergman

Practical Information

You cannot register for this course yourself; your faculty's education office carries out registration

Teaching Methods Study Group, Lecture
Target audiences

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