Fire Control Course for BMED Students


Course Objective

After passing the online safety test and attending the fire-fighting
instruction, students will have obtained the necessary skills and
knowledge to act according to the VU emergency plan in case of
emergencies in the laboratories (and the VU campus) where the students
will be active during their program. Attending both parts of the Fire
Control Course is compulsory for all B Biomedical Science students.

Course Content

This course consists of an online Canvas safety test and a fire-fighting
instruction organized by the VU in-house emergency response unit and the
health, safety and environmental coordination of the Science Faculty.

Teaching Methods

Fire fighting instruction
Lecture on safety

Additional Information

It is compulsory for first year Bachelor's students Biomedical Sciences
to attend the fire-fighting instruction, in order to secure and maintain
the set safety protocols in the VU laboratories and on the VU campus.
Passing the Fire Control Course is an entry requirement to Immunology
(AB_1144). Without a pass you will not be able to register for
Immunology on VUnet.
If you missed the fire-fighting instruction please contact the education
office as soon as possible at The education
office might be able to register you for another group.

Custom Course Registration

Students will be registered for this course and the fire-fighting instruction by the education office. This will be updated in your personal schedule on VUnet. The education office will register those students who are fully enrolled around the 15th of August, again around the 30st of August and the final round of registrations will be done around the 4th of September.

General Information

Course Code AB_BMED_FIRE
Credits 0 EC
Period P1
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. R.J. van Belle-van den Berg
Examiner R.K. van Huizen
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

You cannot register for this course yourself; your faculty's education office carries out registration

Teaching Methods Lecture, Training