Research Project Global Health


Course Objective

The student learns
- To independently prepare a transdisciplinary research design and
develop this into a research proposal (under supervision)
- Execute collection of published evidence on the topic
(literature review)
- To independently collect, process and analyse research data
(under supervision)
- To integrate former knowledge and skills into the research
- To work independently and responsibly in a research organisation
- To independently integrate theory and research data and to
develop this into a research report (under supervision)
- To critically reflect on their own working methods and experience
- To monitor the quality of the research
- To deal with uncertainties
- To present the research orally and to defend it before a
scientific public

Course Content

In this first research internship, a concrete problem will be structured
along descriptive (what is it about?) and analytical (what is the
underlying cause?) questions. In this analysis a distinction is make
between different levels of aggregation (individual, group, society,
system) and appropriate monodisciplinary and transdisciplinary research
The student starts with a scan of the literature to place the the
specific problem in context relative to comparable problems, and to
interpret it by means of existing global health system models. This
provides the basis for the main question and relevant sub-questions and
will determine the research methodology. Data collection can take place
via questionnaires and qualitative interviews.
The research project lasts 5 months and is supervised by a scientific
employee from one of the three collaborating partners (VU, UvA, AMC).

Teaching Methods

Individual supervision, meetings with the research team, progress

Method of Assessment

Written report, oral presentation. All parts need to be passed (6.0).

Entry Requirements

Students need to have passed the exams of 24 EC of the
courses of year 1 and the practical exercises before they can start
their Research Project Global Health.

Target Audience

First-year students MSc Global Health

Additional Information

Obligatory component for Global Health students

General Information

Course Code AM_1102
Credits 30 EC
Period P4+5+6
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. E.V. Syurina MSc
Examiner prof. dr. J.E.W. Broerse
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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