Neurosciences Career and Academic Skills Portfolio


Course Objective

The Career & Academic Skills Portfolio course intends to activate our
students to thinking more professionally and in an engaged manner about
their study track and future careers as neuroscientists.

We aim to provide some context, training & feedback to the academic
service and skills that scientists (in & outside of academia) are often
required to perform next to publishing their research; such as science
outreach, conference networking, or giving & receiving effective
editorial feedback in the peer-review process.

Course Content

This new compulsory course has been devised around 4 major themes for
21st century science practice: professionalism, outreach,
inreach/networking, & open science practice.

Concurrent or subsequent to these themed workshops, students must
justify, design, carry out, and later reflect on their own self-directed
portfolio of CV-building science projects.

Students must work with input and feedback from project mentors and
specialists/experts in the local neuroscience community to bring their
projects to fruition during the final semesters of their degree.

Teaching Methods

Compulsory before-class preparation (online), 5 active workshops,
reflective journaling, homework assignments, self-directed project
management away from class.

Feedback sessions scheduled with class peers, mentor, and specialist
will also form an instrumental part of this course.

Method of Assessment

Attendance & active participation during compulsory workshops
Submitted homework assignments
Submitted final project portfolio

This course is spread across 2 academic years.
All components must be completed & submitted in order to obtain the 3 EC
credits at the conclusion of second year.

Deadlines & course schedule will be communicated via the course manual &


Reading & preparation materials will be supplied in the CANVAS course at
the beginning of first semester.

General Information

Course Code AM_1250
Credits 0 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator M.R. Carr MSc
Examiner M.R. Carr MSc
Teaching Staff M.R. Carr MSc

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Seminar, Study Group, Participatory Teaching Method, Lecture
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