Internship II MPA Systematic review


Course Objective


Course Content

The internship is a compulsory part of the Master MPA. An internship
placement must provide the student with the opportunity to learn how to
conduct research under supervision. An internship typically has three
phases. In the first phase, you write your research proposal consisting
of an introduction, background, theoretical/conceptual framework,
research questions and your research methodology.
In the second phase, you collect your (qualitative and/or quantitative)
In the third phase, you do your final analysis and present your findings
both orally and in a report. The evaluation week is a compulsory part of
this third phase. Aim of this week is to reflect practice back to

Teaching Methods

Individual and/or group supervision

Method of Assessment

Literature review: grade 1-10, weight = 55%
Oral presentation: grade 1-10, weight = 15%
Execution: grade 1-10, weight = 30%
Attitude: pass/fail

Within six weeks after the start of the master internship, an interim
evaluation will take place to assess whether there is a reasonable
chance of the placement being brought to a successful completion. The
internship is supervised and assessed by two lecturers. Both
lecturers are members of the academic staff at VU University Amsterdam.
The onsite supervision can be carried out by a trainee research
assistant (AIO), postdoc or researcher.

Entry Requirements

Literature review MPA (AM_1251)
MPA Internship I, any of the following:

Internship I MPA specialization CHT (AM_1219)
Internship I MPA specialization Communication (AM_1126)
Internship I MPA Specialization International Public Health (AM_1119)
Internship I MPA Specialization Management and Entrepreneurship
Internship I MPA Specialization Policy (AM_1121)

Target Audience

Students MSc MPA year 2

General Information

Course Code AM_1252
Credits 30 EC
Period P4+5+6
Course Level 600
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. E. Muniz Pereira Urias
Examiner dr. E. Muniz Pereira Urias
Teaching Staff

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