Caput Protein Structure as Molecular Basis of Disease


Course Objective

Final attainment level:

The student has insight into the relation between protein
structure/(mal-) function;
The student has insight into the relation protein
The student can screen and evaluate scientific literature and present a
structured review of recent advances in a relevant field/topic, using
the correct terminology.

Course Content

Overview of recent advances in research of molecular disease based on
protein structure. The student either writes a review or gives an oral
presentation on one of these research topics:

• Multi-Drug Resistance proteins
• Cancer/p53
• Anti-Influenza drugs
• Tuberculosis drug targets
• Anti-aids drugs
• Energy converting proteins in disease

Teaching Methods

You receive several original publications on a recent topic in protein
structure/disease (see above) from the lecturer. You study these papers
and collect more information (data-base search etc.) about research in
the field. Finally, you can either write up your results in a
review-style paper or give an oral presentation.

Method of Assessment

Oral or written presentation (choice)


Literature depends on the topic chosen by the student. Literature search
in self-study.

Target Audience

Master's students Biomolecular Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biology,
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Natural Sciences

Additional Information

This caput can be done in the period from April to June.

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General Information

Course Code AM_470120
Credits 6 EC
Period P5+6
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. D. Bald
Examiner dr. D. Bald
Teaching Staff

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