Caput Molecular Biotechnology


Course Objective

The aim of this theoretical course is to get insight in the principles,
methods, and applications of recombinant DNA technology with respect to
the broad field of medical and industrial biotechnology. To this end the
students study a book.
Final attainment levels: To know and to understand the fundamental
principles of modern molecular biotechnology as well as the most recent
developments in that area of science. To know and to understand the
newest molecular techniques and biotechnological applications of
microbial and viral systems. To know and to understand the most recent
biotech developments, techniques and applications in eukaryotic systems
including plants, animals and humans.

Course Content

The development of molecular biotechnology; DNA, RNA, and protein
synthesis; Recombinant DNA technology; Chemical synthesis, sequencing,
and amplification of DNA; Bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics;
Manipulation of gene expression in prokaryotes; Recombinant protein
production in eukaryotic cells; Directed mutagenesis and protein
engineering; Molecular diagnostics; Microbial production of therapeutic
agents; Vaccines; Synthesis of commercial products by recombinant
microorganisms; Bioremediation and biomass utilization; Plant-growth-
promoting bacteria; Microbial insecticides; Large-scale production of
proteins from recombinant microorganisms; Genetic engineering of plants:
methodology; Genetic engineering of plants: applications; Transgenic
animals; Regulating the use of biotechnology; Societal issues in

Teaching Methods

Initial contact with the lecturer, introduction into the book and self
study. Possibly additional contact with the lecturer if required.

Method of Assessment

An oral exam. The candidate can indicate when he/she is ready for the
exam and then an oral exam will be scheduled.

Entry Requirements

A bachelor degree in biology, medical biology, biomedical sciences or
biochemistry. Basic (bachelor) knowledge of cell biology, microbiology,
molecular biology and molecular genetics is required.


Molecular Biotechnology; principles and applications of recombinant DNA;
Bernhard R. Glick and Jack J. Pasternak. ASM Press, Washington D.C. last
version (5th). VU book store or library.

Target Audience

Masterstudents Biomolecular Sciences

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Course Code AM_470604
Credits 6 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. S. Luirink
Examiner dr. S. Luirink
Teaching Staff

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