Nutrition in Health and Disease


Course Objective

After finishing this course students can place nutrition in the context
of the prevention and treatment of disease and students have more
in-depth knowledge of different research designs in the field of
clinical nutrition research. This course will focus on nutritional
physiology, body composition, disease-related and age-related
malnutrition and different study designs in clinical nutrition research.
Information will be illustrated with diverse patient groups, varying
from early life until old age, and addressing both chronic and
acute/clinical disease. The specific knowledge will be applied in an
assignment in which students will design a research proposal. This
course supplies the knowledge and competence needed to perform nutrition
research in (a public health setting and/or) a clinical setting.

Course Content

- (Patho)physiology of the gastrointestinal tract
- Body composition in health and disease
- Energy and protein metabolism and requirements in health and disease
- Disease-related and age-related (mal)nutrition syndromes
- Nutrition in pediatrics
- Nutrition in sports
- Rules and regulations in clinical nutrition research
- Identifying relevant research designs for clinical nutrition research
- Designing a research protocol
- Interpreting (validity of) body composition measurements

Teaching Methods

6 ECTS (=168 hours): lectures and workshops (~1 ECTS), group assignments
(~2.5 ECTS), self-study (~2.5 ECTS).

Method of Assessment

(Group) assignments: body composition (~20%) and research proposal
(~30%); and written exam (~50%). All parts should be 5.5 or above in
order to pass the course.

Entry Requirements

BSc courses ‘Voeding’ (AB_1166) and ‘Voedingsonderzoek’ (AB_1175) or
PreMSc course ‘Voedingsleer en Onderzoek’ (AP_470902), or equivalent
level. Students should have basic knowledge of statistics and
epidemiology and the principles and methods of observational studies and
experimental studies. Following Research Methods for Health Sciences
parallel to this course is strongly advised. If you do not meet these
prerequisites, contact the course coordinator.


Specific readings (e.g. scientific papers) for lectures are provided
separately via Canvas.

Target Audience

MSc students Health Sciences (compulsory course for the specialization
'Nutrition and Health').

General Information

Course Code AM_470841
Credits 6 EC
Period P1
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. E. Leistra
Examiner dr. E. Leistra
Teaching Staff I. Veldman MSc
dr. A.M.M. Vaes
dr. E. Leistra

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Seminar, Lecture, Study Group, Computer lab, Practical