Data in Sport and Health


Course Objective

The student has basic knowledge of the applicability of data science,
data analytics, machine learning and data visualization and storytelling
in sports and health.
The student knows possibilities and limitations of data science
techniques to process large data sets, including pre-processing.
The student can identify which data analytics methods to apply for an
analysis of complex data sets in human movement sciences.
The students knows how to interpret, visualize and communicate findings.

Course Content

In this course students are introduced to the role of data science in
sports and health. The students will learn to apply data science
techniques and how to communicate their findings

Teaching Methods

Lectures, work groups and practicals (obligatory) on data cleaning and
pre-processing, exploratory analysis, supervised/unsupervised machine
learning, data visualization and presentation.

Method of Assessment

Assignment including report and presentation of findings (50%)ΒΆ
Written final exam (50%)

Entry Requirements

Knowledge and understanding of programming in Matlab/R


Recent articles in the field of sports and data science

Target Audience

Students with an interest in data science, big data and data analytics

General Information

Course Code B_DATASPH
Credits 3 EC
Period P4
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
Course Coordinator dr. S. van der Zwaard
Examiner dr. S. van der Zwaard
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Study Group, Lecture, Practical*

*You cannot select a group yourself for this teaching method, you will be placed in a group.

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