Short Literature Review


Course Objective

The aim of the Short Literature Review is to determine whether a student
can formulate a research question and an objective answer to this
question related to Human Movement Sciences based on peer-reviewed
literature and is subsequently able to express these findings in a
written report. Secondly, the Short Literature Review will serve as an
evaluation of the student's skills in scientific writing. The Short
Literature Review is an individual product.

Course Content

The short literature review (SLR) enables the student to develop skills
in reviewing a certain topic related to human movement science in the
scientific literature. It can be a narrative review or a systematic
The topic and the supervisor of the SLR is generally chosen by the
student, bu can also be proposed by a supervisor. The topic of the Short
Literature Review should not be related to the Master Research Project.

Teaching Methods

The student determines a topic for review and finds an expert on this
topic in the department of human movement sciences (HMS) that volunteers
to supervise (see or the student accepts a
proposal for review put forward by a staff member of the department of
HMS. The student reads the information on
to understand the background of literature reviews. Both narrative and
systematic reviews are allowed. At the start of the review, a contract
is signed between the supervisor and student. The final product is
uploaded in Canvas using Turnitin. The supervisor has 12 hours for

Method of Assessment

The short literature review is judged by the supervisor (1st examinator)
and a second examinor. The first supervisor assessed the attitude and
process (30% of the grade). This includes independence, work speed,
incorporation of suggestions and contacts with supervisor. Both
examinators assess the content (70% of the grade). This includes
language and outline, introduction, research question, literature
processing, quality of analysis and quality of discussion.


Course manual Short Literature Review (available on Canvas).

Additional Information

Prior to the work, a contract between the student and the supervisor is
signed. The final version of the Short Literature Review has to be
uploaded to the relevant Canvas site for a plagiarism check. The
electronic evaluation form has to be filled in before the mark can be
registered by the study secretariat. The number of pages is not limited
but the text should be concise and not wordy.

General Information

Course Code B_SLR
Credits 6 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 600
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
Course Coordinator prof. dr. H.A.M. Daanen
Examiner prof. dr. H.A.M. Daanen
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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