Course Objective

In writing a thesis, the student demonstrates the ability to make
relevant (academic, managerial and societal) contributions to the
academic body of knowledge in accounting and control using academic
research skills.

The thesis demonstrates that the student can, with a sufficient degree
of independence:
- formulate a research question and explain its academic, managerial and
societal relevance.
- conduct and report on a review of the international academic and
professional literature relevant to the research question
- choose, describe and justify an appropriate reserarch design
- conduct the research as described and appropriately report on the
- draw appropriate conclusions, reflect on the findings and their
contribution to the body of knowledge
- communicate orally and in writing at an appropriate level of academic

Course Content

By writing an individual thesis, students show that they are able to set
up and conduct a research project on a topic of their choice, and to
relate the question, the research approach, and the findings to the
relevant academic and professional literature. Students are assigned
supervisors through an enrolment procedure held twice a
year. Following a general introductory session, students will be asked
to submit a request for supervision, including a statement in general
terms of the research question(s) they intend to investigate in their
thesis. This is the basis for assigning a supervisor. In consultation
with the supervisor, students develop a research plan for approval by a
second reader. Allocation of supervisors is conditional on completing
an approved research plan within a stated timeframe. Following approval
of the research plan, supervision is continued for a stated number of
months during which the thesis will need to be completed.

Teaching Methods

The main features of the thesis process in this programme are as
• The thesis is written individually; it shows that you can carry out an
academic research project.
• You have to choose your own topic.
• You can enroll at two starting points during the year.
• When you enroll, you are assigned a supervisor who is your advisor in
writing a work plan.
• Once you start, you commit to submit your work plan by a given
• You have to present your work plan to a group of students and staff.
• Following the presentation, the staff makes a go/no go decision based
on the quality of the work plan. You will also receive feedback.
• If you can continue you have to submit your final thesis no later than
the deadline. Your supervisor will continue to advise you.
• The grade for your thesis is determined by the supervisor and a second
• A rewrite option is given only when the final thesis is insufficient.
You will then have to resubmit in two weeks and the grade will be capped
at 6.0.
• Standards of academic integrity (e.g. no plagiarism) apply throughout
the process, expressed in the inclusion of a Statement of Originality.
In case you plan to write your thesis as part of an internship, you may
have the option to have the internship recorded on your diploma
supplement as a 0-ECTS component. See the Internship course manual.

Method of Assessment

The assessment criteria are based on the learning objectives. They are
stated on the back of the evaluation form (see Appendix 2 in the thesis
manual). While the assessment of the work plan is focused on ensuring
that at least minimum criteria have been met, the assessment of the
thesis also considers what you have done well in order to express that
in the grade.
The assessment form (back page - appendix 2 in thesis manual) has the
form of a scoring matrix. The text in each box gives an indication of
what is expected for a particular grade. Some of the text may not be
applicable to your thesis: these texts are intended as scoring aides.
Specific elements entering into the determination of your grade may be
explained on the front page of the form.

Custom Course Registration

Please consult the Canvas site ‘Thesis MSc Accounting & Control’ for details and information about the enrolment procedure and the scheduling of enrolments. The Canvas site also contains a thesis manual explaining thesis requirments in more detail.

General Information

Course Code E_ACC_THS
Credits 18 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. P.C.M. Claes
Examiner dr. P.C.M. Claes
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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