Applied Research Methods


Course Objective

In Applied Research Methods we present an overview of suitable research
methods for a Master thesis in the area of Transport and Supply Chain
Management. The main objective of this course is to give you a basic
understanding of the relevance of specific research frameworks and how
to properly apply them to specific research problems in TSCM. Moreover,
with a specific focus on your thesis topic, a specific research method
will be taught in small dedicated tutorial groups. After following this
course, you can distinguish between several research frameworks that can
be developed in TSCM, (e.g., case study research, a survey (focused on
developing a questionnaire), valuation using experiments (how to
estimate willingness to pay), choice analysis (e.g., logistic or
multinomial regression), quantitative analytical research (using
simulation experiments); you can reflect on the question whether a
specific research framework is suitable for a particular research
question; you can set up your research within one of the above mentioned
research frameworks; you are able to apply the above mentioned research
framework to a stylized research project; you are able to validate the
results obtained; and you can report on the use of the above mentioned
research frameworks.

Course Content

The type of research that you perform determines the type of research
framework that you will develop. There are basically two types of
research: theory development and theory testing. Theory development is
carried out when there is no body of theory available and hence no
theories to start from. Testing theories is usually done in those
situations where there are sufficient theories to base hypotheses on
that can be tested. Do not confuse the question of choosing a particular
research method with the discrimination between quantitative and
qualitative research. The discrimination between qualitative and
quantitative research only has limited relevance for the determination
of the type of research framework. Ultimately, it is the research
question that determines the type of approach and whether to use
quantitative data or not.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and tutorials

Method of Assessment

Assignments (paper and presentation)

Entry Requirements

Business Research Methods


Papers and syllabus

Target Audience

Students TSCM master

Recommended background knowledge

Students have an operational knowledge of Excel and R.

General Information

Course Code E_BA_ARM
Credits 3 EC
Period P4
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. T. de Graaff
Examiner dr. T. de Graaff
Teaching Staff

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