Operations Performance Benchmarking


Course Objective

In this course we teach students how to assess and benchmarking
operations performance in practice. Upon finishing this course students
are able:
- to identify and understand state-of-the-art methods for benchmarking
and evaluating operations performance;
- to understand the strengths and limitations of performance
benchmarking approaches;
- to apply theory by carrying out calculations with the performance
benchmarking techniques;
- to interpret the outcome the calculations and to draw managerial

Course Content

Performance assessment and benchmarking is a topic that has received
considerable attention in both practice and academia across a wide
variety of disciplines. This course is aimed at students who wish to
broaden their understanding of methods related to evaluating and
benchmarking performance in operations. The course will focus on
academic methods relevant to benchmarking of operations performance in
business practice.

The course introduces an array of quantitative approaches for
performance benchmarking, making use of various statistical and
mathematical optimisation techniques. The course teaches how to define
and compute performance indicators and how to interpret these results
properly in a business context.

The course is self-contained, it does not rely on other TSCM courses.
It is therefore also accessible to students without prior knowledge of

Teaching Methods

Lectures and tutorials.

Method of Assessment

Written exam and group assignments


Extensive handouts and additional course materials to be distributed via
Canvas; supporting chapters from a handbook (to be determined).

Additional Information

Students who are not enrolled in the full time or online MSc BA
programme with specialization in TSCM are kindly requested to contact
the course coordinator prior to enrollment.

Recommended background knowledge

Several touched topics rely on linear programming models, therefore
familiarity with linear programs and some solution software (such as
Microsoft Excel's solver, OpenSolver, OPL Optimization Studio, and so
on) is useful.

General Information

Course Code E_BA_OPB
Credits 6 EC
Period P5
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. G. Maroti
Examiner dr. G. Maroti
Teaching Staff dr. G. Maroti

Practical Information

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