Research in Business Administration - Strategy and Organization


Course Objective

After having completed Research in Business Administration, students
will be able to:

Advanced academic and research skills:
• identify and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of different
research designs;
• develop a theoretically and practically relevant research question;
• write a literature review;
• create a research design for answering a particular research question;
• analyze quantitative/qualitative data which has been collected for
writing a master thesis;
• create frameworks and propositions (qualitative research) and
conceptual models and hypotheses (quantitative research).

Thorough knowledge of theory + methods and solving complex problems:
• apply analytical techniques (by means of software programs) to solve
relevant and interesting problems for theory and practice;
• understand when and with what purpose research designs are chosen;
• reflect on and critically evaluate the choice for and use of a
particular research design.

Course Content

The course aims to help students develop a research question and to make
an informed decision regarding the research design and analysis for
answering that question. Research in Business Administration is thus
designed to support you in working on your Master Thesis.
Additionally, the course aims to provide general knowledge about the
main methods used in academic research and practice. We provide you with
the opportunity to further develop your research skills. As such, we
will discuss the core elements of research projects: develop a research
question, conducting a high-quality literature review, collecting and
analyzing qualitative/quantitative data, drawing conclusions and writing
up the findings.

Teaching Methods

General Lectures
Although your research topics, methodology and methods are quite
diverse, there are some principles that are central and core.

Advanced Lectures
You will enjoy the opportunity to choose modules at the advanced level
to further develop your research skills. We offer a quantitative and a
qualitative track.

The goal of the workshops is to practice all aspects of the qualitative
or quantitative research cycle, including the use of software programs
and writing process. We offer several exercises in which you practice
the skills that are central to the theme of the particular workshop.

Feedback Sessions
Our most important task as teaching staff is to support you on this
(individual) learning journey and provide you with the feedback and
guidance needed to obtain the level of knowledge and skills required
from a Master of business graduate.

Method of Assessment

The course contains individual and group assignments. These assignments
are marked on a 1-10 scale. To pass Research in Business Administration,
the average grade should be at least 5.5, and the minimum grade for each
assignment is 5.0.


The course literature consists of a series of academic articles and book
chapters around particular themes.

Target Audience

Research in Business Administration is open to students from five
specializations within the Business Administration master program: Human
Resource Management, Strategy and Organization, International
Management, Leadership and Change Management, and Management Consulting.
The basic structure and content of the course will be the same for all
students, but the application of the material will be tailored to each

Recommended background knowledge

This is an advanced course and it is expected that you have a Bachelor-
or Pre-Master-level knowledge of research methods and techniques. We
expect you to have revised and refreshed previous coursework in the area
of research methods, techniques and tools. The goal is to consolidate
your knowledge and learn how to apply what you know to concrete research
tasks, such as those that you will encounter in your thesis trajectory.
If you feel your knowledge in a particular area is insufficient,
consider taking additional instruction (online or offline).

General Information

Course Code E_BA_RBSSO
Credits 6 EC
Period P4+5
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. D.P. Kroon
Examiner dr. D.P. Kroon
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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