Thesis MSc BA - DBI


Course Objective

After completing the master thesis, students will have developed:
• Ability to formulate a clear research problem that fits within the
field of business administration, which has managerial and scientific
• Understanding how to frame the problem from a theoretically relevant
perspective that is useful in order to research the problem statement.
• Ability to develop a research design appropriate for addressing the
problem statement.
• Ability to report the findings of the research properly, using a clear
and well-structured presentation, correct use of language, complete and
correct referencing.
• Ability to critically reflect on the results and limitations of the
• Ability to recognize and reflect about managerial relevance and/or
societal implications of the research.
• Ability to professionally manage the relationships with all involved
stakeholders, following the standard norms of scholarly conduct and
ethical behaviour in research.
• Ability to carry out the proposed research independently and to
professionally manage his project.

Course Content

The Master’s thesis is an essential component of the BA-Master’s program
specialization Digital Business & Innovation. It is the final part of
the study in which students individually give proof of their academic
ability. It offers students the opportunity to explore an area of
interest in depth and produce an academic piece of work. Students must
demonstrate their knowledge and skills of how to design, execute and
write up an academic study. In so doing, students carry full
responsibility for the process of writing as well as the quality and
content of their Master’s thesis. The thesis supervisor will help
students to plan and outline the thesis, but the project needs to be an
independent piece of work and will be assessed accordingly.

Teaching Methods

Guidance and regular feedback from the thesis supervisor.

Method of Assessment

The submitted master thesis will be assessed independently by the thesis
supervisor and a second assessor.

Entry Requirements

Passing the two DBI main courses from period 1 (that is, Digital
Business & Information Systems and Management of Digital Innovation) is
a prerequisite for receiving thesis supervision during the January-June

Students who fail either or both period 1 courses (including the
re-takes) should apply for the thesis trajectory of the subsequent
academic year, provided that both courses from period 1 have been

General Information

Course Code E_BA_THS_DBI
Credits 15 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. M.H. Rezazade Mehrizi
Examiner dr. M.H. Rezazade Mehrizi
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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