Business Research Ethics


Course Objective

Student who have passed this course will have:

• Gained an understanding of the variety of ethical issues that
researchers may encounter in the conduct of business research;
• Developed ethical argumentation skills and will be able to apply these
to resolving dilemma’s encountered in real life business research;
• Developed an understanding of the various resources available to
scaffold ethical decision making.

Course Content

From an ethical perspective, the conduct of business research is an
oftentimes highly complex endeavour in which the interests of
researchers, individuals, organisations, and society at large may not
always be easy to reconcile. Drawing upon the disciplines of philosophy,
psychology, sociology, economics, business administration, data science,
and the expertise of various guest speakers, this interdisciplinary
course sets out to build students’ awareness of ethical issues and their
concomitant moral argumentation skills. Specifically, students will
apply various resources, such as the ethical guidelines of professional
organisations, such as those of the American Psychological Association,
the Academy of Management, and academic publications, in an effort to
analyze and resolve a variety of cases that pertain to business research
ethics .

The course addresses:

• Ethical issues in all phases of the research process from research
design to dissemination of findings;
• Ethical issues related to human participation in research;
• Interpersonal responsibility, including the topics of supervisor /
student responsibilities, publication practices, and responsible
• Institutional responsibility, including the topics of research data
governance and ownership, conflicts of interest, and conflicts of
• Ethical issues associated with big data based data collection,
processing, analysis, reporting and intervention;
• Professional responsibility, including dissemination of findings and
peer review.

Teaching Methods

(Guest) Lectures and interactive seminars.

Method of Assessment

• Individual presentation
• Individual assignment


The list of readings will be provided on the Canvas site of the course.

Target Audience

Due to the entry requirements of the programme, the courses of the
Research Master Business in Society are only available for students
registered for this master’s programme and, upon approval of the
programme director, to other Research Master programmes or PhD students.

Additional Information

Please note that this course will be taught at UvA.

General Information

Course Code E_BIS_BRE
Credits 3 EC
Period P3
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. P.R. Tuertscher
Examiner dr. P.R. Tuertscher
Teaching Staff

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