Human Development


Course Objective

An active study of the advanced literature of the human development
aspects of development economics, the branch of economics that focusses
on the specific economic problems of less developed nations. A thorough
exercise in independently formulating and studying relevant research
issues and analysing in a constructive and critical manner the problems
of development economics in the human development context.

Course Content

In the lectures, we study human development in developing countries
using recent articles on this topic. We start off with two lectures on
education, looking at how education systems are financed and organised,
outcomes are measured, and where the challenges for future development
lie. Next, we discuss gender, where we discuss among others the driving
factors behind unbalances sex ratios in some parts of the world.The next
week is on early childhood development, which has in recent years
received more attention. We investigate the hypothesis that intervening
before children enter primary education is maybe the most cost effective
way to improve human development outcomes. This
discussion provides an entry point to discuss modelling issues that
arise when analysing human development during formative years. The last
two lectures focus on health. We study inequality in health and access
to health services, health systems and financing.

The tutorials are used for student led discussions, where groups of
students prepare a presentation and discussion on a particular research
question related to the topic discussed during the lectures.Active
participation in the tutorials is mandatory.

This course is taught at the Uva by Pauline Rossi and Menno Pradhan

Teaching Methods

student led presentations/discussion

Method of Assessment

Written examination, presentation and participation in classroom
discussion, term paper.


Articles provided during the course.

Additional Information

Course taught at the UvA.

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Recommended background knowledge

Proven knowledge of basic micro economics and basic applied econometrics

General Information

Course Code E_EC_HDEV
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator prof. dr. M.P. Pradhan
Examiner prof. dr. M.P. Pradhan
Teaching Staff

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