Entrepreneurial Internship


Course Objective

Instead of taking a regular elective in Period 5, students can also
choose to do a research-related internship, with an organization. Four
criteria apply for the Entrepreneurial Internship:
1) The subject of the internship should be related to entrepreneurship.
2) The internship should be a research project (applied or fundamental).
3) The internship should cover at least the time equivalent of 6 credits
(roughly 4 weeks full-time), more is always allowed.
4) The internship should be approved by the Entrepreneurial Internship
Coordinator before the start.

Course Content

The most important Exit Qualification in this context is: Applying
knowledge and understanding. In Article 2.2 of the Teaching and
Examination Regulations 2019-2020 this is described as ‘the student is
able to apply his/her knowledge and understanding on entrepreneurship to
solve problems in entrepreneurial contexts that are characterized by a
high degree of uncertainty and with limited resources’. Obviously, the
other Exit Qualifications apply as well. See the Teaching and
Examination Regulations 2019-2020 for the full description of the Exit
Qualifications of the Joint MSc Entrepreneurship.

Teaching Methods

As the approval of the coordinator should be obtained before the start
of the internship, contact with the coordinator in an early stage should
be made by the student. The Entrepreneurial Internship Approval Form
should be filled in by the student for this contact (see Appendix of the
Course Manual). Enrollment does not implicate approval.

Method of Assessment

The student who takes the Entrepreneurial Internship should deliver an
advisory report at the end of the internship. This report should contain
at least a description of the organization where the internship took
place, the literature that has been used, the research that has been
done, the practical recommendations that have been formulated for the
organization where the internship took place, the activities that have
been exercised during the internship period and the lessons that have
been learned by the student. The report should be about ten pages.
However, an appropriate slide deck of about 25 slides is also allowed.
The assessment is Pass or Fail.


To be decided by the internship supervisor (appointed by the internship

Additional Information

The Entrepreneurial Internship takes place in Period 5. However, the
internship may be spread over a longer period or take place in another
period, but only after approval by the Entrepreneurial Internship
Coordinator beforehand.
Under strict conditions the Entrepreneurial Internship may be connected
to the Master’s Thesis as well. Imperative is always to deliver two
separate deliverables: the Entrepreneurial Internship report and the
Master’s Thesis. Approval of both the thesis supervisor and the
Internship Coordinator beforehand is mandatory in case of combination.
The following links may be helpful:
- Check out the career page of the website of the Master
Entrepreneurship: https://www.uvavu.me/career.
- Internships with start-ups and more:
- Career Center Amsterdam Business School (UvA):
- Career Services School of Business and Economics (VU):
It may also be helpful to consult the lecturers in this joint master.
As the internship may bring with it uncertainties, it is strongly
recommended to enroll for an elective as well.

General Information

Course Code E_ENT_INT
Credits 6 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator prof. dr. E. Masurel
Examiner prof. dr. E. Masurel
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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