Thesis MSc EOR - Econometrics


Course Objective

To let the student carry out a scientific or professional study on a
topic in which econometrics plays the central role. It provides the
student the opportunity to show its talents and abilities in
econometrics where the focus is on theory, methodology, computational,
and/or empirical aspects in the field.

Course Content

Writing a MSc Thesis in Econometrics

Teaching Methods


Method of Assessment

A student in the VU Master EOR - Econometrics track (for all
specialisations) who wishes to start with the work for the Master
thesis, should do as follows :

1) Student approaches one of the lectures in the Econometrics group to
become supervisor of the Master thesis.

2) Once a match is made between student and supervisor (the supervisor
needs to get it confirmed by coordinator Dr. F. Blasques), the usual
process of thesis supervision takes place. A public initial presentation
is not needed, only the approval of the supervisor on a plan for the
thesis is needed.

3) When the thesis is at its final stages, the supervisor needs to
appoint a co-reader.

4) When the thesis is completed and approved by the supervisor (with the
co-reader in a consulting role), the student has the option to present
the thesis during a public seminar with the attendance of the supervisor
and co-reader, and possibly of other colleagues, fellow students and
interested persons.

5) The student can also present the thesis during a closed meeting with
supervisor and co-reader, after the approval of the supervisor. The
presentation needs to be prepared and carried out in the same way as for
a public seminar.

6) Both options are equally agreeable as long as supervisor and student
have discussed this. The actual arrangements for the presentation can be
made between supervisor and student, the student makes sure that
presentation takes place at day and time when both supervisor and
co-reader are present.

7) After the presentation, the thesis grade becomes available within 5
working days.

Target Audience

MSc EOR - Econometrics track students

General Information

Course Code E_EORM_THSTR
Credits 18 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator prof. dr. S.J. Koopman
Examiner prof. dr. S.J. Koopman
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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