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Course Objective

The student:
• writes a coherent description of the professional field of the chosen
specialization corresponding to current academic and professional
• functions as a junior professional in growing responsibility and uses
professional ethical standards;
• analyses complex practical professional problems using theoretical
• compares several solutions for professional questions and designs new
possibilities for acting;
• reflects on and describes his or her own developmental trajectory
• evaluates independently and with others one’s professional behavior
and improves it when and where necessary .

Course Content

Internship is an important link between the theoretical academic
education and the profession aimed at. Through the internship the
student will learn how to apply theoretical knowledge in a professional
field and how
to recognize practical situations that needs theoretical reflection.
Under the guidance of a senior professional the student learns how to
in a profession, how to act independently and responsibly, practices the
required professional skills and gets acquainted with the rules of an
organization of institution. The student gains work experience and
The internship requires careful preparations and appointments. See for
further requirements and help: the "English Internship Guide" in VU-net.

All students Spiritual Care are required to follow 10 sessions of
supervision (2EC) and 3 sessions to practice conversational skills (1

Teaching Methods

Internship, supervision, working sessions
All students Spiritual Care are required to follow 10 sessions of
supervision (2EC) and 3 sessions to practice conversational skills (1

Method of Assessment

Grading is based on: (1) internship report by the student; (2) a written
review by the internship mentor; and (3) an assessment form by the
internship supervisor of the faculty.
Students Spiritual Care will receive 2EC for supervision sessions and 1
EC for sessions to practive conversational skills.


The Internship Guide is leading for Internship. The Guide can be found
in VUnet and in Canvas-Internship.

Target Audience

All students of the one year master and the Research Master.

General Information

Course Code G_INTERN
Credits 12 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition Dutch
Faculty Faculty of Religion and Theology
Course Coordinator prof. dr. E. van Staalduine-Sulman
Examiner prof. dr. E. van Staalduine-Sulman
Teaching Staff prof. dr. J. Schaap-Jonker

Practical Information

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