Research Design 2


Course Objective

The student is able to:
● Present a research proposal and research question to scholars and
interested students within and outside their field of expertise;
● Reflect critically and constructively on the research proposals of
their fellow students in class and on Canvas;
● Identify lacunas in their academic expertise and develop ways in which
these can be filled.

Course Content

This second research design module allows students to develop and refine
the research proposal they have handed in at the end of the first
research design course. A large part of the meetings will be spent on
working sessions, in which all students take part. The student whose
turn it is to present his or her research will learn from presenting the
proposal and answering questions, while the others gain a deeper insight
into the workings of the group by developing appropriate

Teaching Methods

Most meetings of the second research design course will be centred on
interview sessions, in which students present their proposals in turn
while the others prepare questions. As in the first research design
module, thesis supervisors will be involved as
well, but feedback of fellow students will be crucial.

Method of Assessment

Students present their proposals, prepare questions on the proposals of
others, and finally hand in a revised full proposal according to NWO
requirements. Due to the fact that all students need to contribute to
the interview sessions, class attendance is obligatory. The grade is
based on the revised full proposal (30%), the presentation and answers
given during the interview session (40%), and contributions to the
interviews of other students (30%; initial questions to be handed in
before each interview session).

Target Audience

Research Master's students in Theology and Religious Studies. Not open
for other students.

General Information

Course Code G_RMRD2
Credits 6 EC
Period P3
Course Level 600
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Religion and Theology
Course Coordinator prof. dr. E.V. Tolstoj
Examiner prof. dr. E.V. Tolstoj
Teaching Staff prof. dr. H. Amirav
prof. dr. E.V. Tolstoj

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Seminar
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