Linguistics Term Paper


Course Objective

Writing a paper outline has several aims. Firstly, it forces the student
to define the boundaries of his/her research (narrowing down the scope).
Secondly, it helps the student organize his/her ideas. He/she is forced
to present material in a logical form, and relate the different ideas in
this paper in a cohesive way. Thirdly, writing an outline will aid the
student in the process of writing. Finally, it allows for early

Course Content

The student selects a research topic and contacts the preferred paper
advisor. The topic of the research paper must differ from all course
papers written by the student. However, it may be related to a course
paper topic and/or the thesis topic. The student hands in an outline of
the paper. The student discusses the term paper outline with the
supervisor. The student then hands in the final draft of the term paper.
Deadlines are set by instructor. Both the instructor and student may
call for additional meetings, when needed. The instructor may establish
additional requirements. The outline must contain the following
(1) a tentative, annotated table of contents. For each section, provide
a title and describe its topic/goal in one or two sentences;
(2) the goal of the paper;
(3) the central thesis of the paper;
(4) line of argumentation;
(5) the proposed research methodology,
(6) preliminary bibliography.

Teaching Methods

Several meetings with supervisor. Supervisor and student will discuss
the frequency and form of the meetings beforehand.

Method of Assessment

Writing a paper

Entry Requirements

Admission to the research master's Humanities (Linguistics)


Depends on topic of the paper

Target Audience

Students of the research master's Humanities (Linguistics)

General Information

Course Code L_AAMPLIN008
Credits 9 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. H.D. van der Vliet
Examiner dr. H.D. van der Vliet
Teaching Staff dr. H.D. van der Vliet
dr. F. van der Houwen
dr. P.H.F. Bos

Practical Information

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