Dutch Literature and Culture of the Golden Age


Course Objective

Students who complete the course successfully will have knowledge of
important features and specimens of Dutch Renaissance literature and
culture in a European context. They will be able to recognise, name and
describe different literary genres, and analyse their social, political
and historical functions, relating them to relevant developments and
events; relate Renaissance literary texts to biblical and/or classical
sources; trace, find, study, criticise and use secondary material, both
in word and in image, in libraries, museums, and on the internet;
question and discuss their material; express their findings both orally
and on paper.

Course Content

This course focuses on Dutch literature and culture of the Golden Age
(approx. 1550-1700) within the context of the Renaissance as a European
movement. Literary texts will be related to other cultural products and
to their historical, political and philosophical background. The main
questions to be answered are: 1. How did Dutch authors imitate and
emulate Renaissance genres, following the examples of Italian and French
authors? 2. How and why did Dutch authors respond to, and take part in,
political and religious debates in the Dutch Republic? 3. How and why
did Dutch artists cooperate in the making of books, prints, paintings
and buildings? Part of this course is a group excursion (preferably to
the former
Town Hall (Royal Palace) at Dam Square, Amsterdam).

Teaching Methods

One seminar of 2 hrs a week. In preparation for each class, students
will read literary texts and academic articles and make weekly
assignments. The articles and assignments will be discussed in class.
Active participation in class discussion is encouraged.

Method of Assessment

Written in-class exam (100%). Grades will be given on a scale from 1 to

Entry Requirements

Students need to be able to read and discuss academic texts in English.


To be announced through Canvas.

Target Audience

This introductory course is open to all students interested in early
modern Dutch literature and culture, more specifically to:
exchange students; students taking the minor "European History and
Culture 1200-1800"; students taking the minor ''Amsterdam Urban

Additional Information

This course is part of the minor "European History and Culture
1200-1800" and ''Amsterdam Urban History''. Class attendance is
compulsory. Missing one class (with
notification beforehand) is allowed; missing two classes needs to be
compensated with an extra assignment; missing three classes or more
means that the student can no longer take part in the course. Part of
this course is an obligatory group excursion to the former Town Hall
(Royal Palace) at Dam Square, Amsterdam.

General Information

Course Code L_NOBAALG005
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. P.H. Moser
Examiner dr. P.H. Moser
Teaching Staff dr. P.H. Moser

Practical Information

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