Master's Thesis


Course Objective

The aim of the Master’s Thesis is to integrate the knowledge and skills
acquired during the Research Master, and to apply this knowledge and
skills in research.

Course Content

The Master’s Thesis will be developed and conducted within the research
program of one of the participating departments. During this period, the
student will be member of a research group, and will be involved in all
phases of the scientific cycle. The quality of the Thesis will be
guaranteed by a ‘go-no go’ decision, which will be made by a senior
staff member based on a written research plan, including the research
question, field research or experimental protocol, statistical design
and feasibility. In principle, the student will contribute with his or
her work to an ongoing research project. Daily coaching will be the
responsibility of the principal investigator of the project. As part of
the Master’s Thesis the student will log all major phases of conducting
research (protocol design, data collection, data management, data
analysis) as well as reporting (writing a manuscript fulfilling the APA
requirements for a journal article; revising the manuscript based on
anonymous reviewer feedback; presenting a research paper at a
symposium). The Master's Thesis is written in the form of an article,
which, as a rule, will be submitted for publication to an international,
peer-reviewed journal.

Teaching Methods

Individual trajectory within one of the participating research groups.

Method of Assessment

Paper, research log, oral presentation.

Entry Requirements

Research Project I

Additional Information

The Master's thesis will be lectured by prof. dr. W.J.M.J. Cuijpers,
prof. dr. J.M. Koot and prof. dr. C. Schuengel.

General Information

Course Code P_MTHECDP
Credits 30 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
Course Coordinator E. Karyotaki
Examiner E. Karyotaki
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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