Gender, Crime and Justice


Course Objective

The student:
1. Is able to interpret different crime trends for men and women and
reflect critically on these trends
2. Has an overview of the literature on explanations for crime committed
by women
3. Has knowledge about differences and similarities in backgrounds and
developmental pathways of delinquency in men and women.
4. Has an understanding of the role of gender in justice processing and
5. Is able to critically reflect on the need for gender-neutral or
gender-specific judicial interventions
6. Has an overview of mechanisms that may play a role in desistance by
7. Is able to write a critical reflection on one of the themes discussed
in the various working groups.

Course Content

"Women are abused more often than men, have more psychological
complaints than men and that is the reason why they become offenders".
"We have to tackle criminal women less severely than men because they
often still have children to take care of". "If women have problems in
their relations, things go wrong". Common stereotypes when it comes to
criminal women, but is it true: Are women different from men in (the
development of) their criminal career? Are women treated differently by
the criminal justice system and do we have to intervene differently or
not? In this course we will discuss the meaning of gender in
understanding crime, in criminal sentencing and in the desistance
process from both a micro (more psychological) and macro-level (more
sociological). Both mainstream criminological explanations and
explanations from a feminist perspective are critically discussed. The
goal of this course is to gain insight into the growing literature on
experiences of women and to gain insight into the impact of gender or
sex on criminal behavior and judicial outcomes.

Teaching Methods

Lectures with assignments

Method of Assessment

Written exam


Literature to be announced in the course book

Target Audience

Students with a bachelor degree Criminology and student with a bachelor
degree Behaviour and Social Sciences. No exchange students.

General Information

Course Code R_GirlsWoCr
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Law
Course Coordinator dr. M. Slotboom
Examiner dr. M. Slotboom
Teaching Staff dr. M. Slotboom

Practical Information

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