Master's Thesis - Law and Politics of International Security


Course Objective

The final thesis conveys
- a critical, creative and innovative attitude with regard to the way in
which problems in the area of international conflict and security are
framed in academic, legal and policy debates;
- a critical, creative and innovative attitude with regard to the
existing legal framework in the field of international conflict and
- a critical, creative and innovative attitude with regard to academic
research as well as research results

Course Content

The LPIS thesis is an independent piece of scholarly research on a topic
in international security with an interdisciplinary outlook.
The purpose of the thesis is firstly to demonstrate that you are able to
apply the knowledge, insight and skills acquired during the programme.
This means that you must be able to independently define a research
question; identify, critically analyse and interpret relevant source
material and/or data; draw conclusions and make assessments, possible
recommendations and suggestions for further research.

A second purpose of the LPIS thesis is to gain in-depth and specialist
knowledge of and insight into a particular area of law and/or politics.
This requires research conducted in accordance with the research methods
applicable to international law and relations, followed by presentation
of the results and outcomes in a clear and consistent manner.

The thesis seminars facilitate the writing process by organizing
supervision and peer review.

Teaching Methods

> supervision is organized in thesis seminars.There are 5-6 thesis
seminars to discuss the outline and draft chapters with supervisor and
> a postersession to present your project to fellow students
> monthly thesis bootcamps (on a voluntary basis)

Method of Assessment

written thesis

Additional Information

For more information you can contact the LPIS thesis coordinator.

General Information

Course Code R_MthLPIS
Credits 18 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 600
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Law
Course Coordinator dr. M. Hoijtink
Examiner dr. M. Hoijtink
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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