Research Seminar - International Business Law


Course Objective

Students attending this course will be able to:

Critically read and analyse law and scholarly legal writings
Differentiate between authoritative and non-authoritative sources
Develop critical and analytical skills
Identify a research area of interest, a research topic / problem in that
area and possible legal research question(s)
Explain the significance, background, objectives and rationale of a
research topic
Understand the field of comparative law and how to apply it as a
research method
Refine legal English and expand legal vocabulary
Present skilfully in front of an audience written academic work

Course Content

The course is designed around the central objective of this course, i.e.
to prepare students for academic level of reading, research, writing and
oral presentations suitable for a master’s level. The final objective is
to research and write a master thesis. Another objective it to refine
the students’ academic skills with reference to (critical) reading (law
and scholarly work), writing (essays, problem questions and
dissertations) and oral presentation skills in preparation for the
master thesis. The classes are a combination of Legal English and
Comparative Law and academic skills.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and interactive group discussions

Method of Assessment

Short papers and written assignments


The reading materials will be provided via Canvas.

Target Audience

Students of International Business Law LLM Programme, Transactions and
Trade and Finance and Behavior Specializations

Explanation Canvas

All information and materials will be posted on Canvas

General Information

Course Code R_RSIBL
Credits 6 EC
Period P1
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Law
Course Coordinator I.C. Ciobanasu LLM
Examiner I.C. Ciobanasu LLM
Teaching Staff I.C. Ciobanasu LLM
mr. dr. R. Mellenbergh
mr. F.M. Gilligan
dr. H.M.G. Denters
prof. dr. M.R.F. Senftleben

Practical Information

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