Statistics & SPSS


Course Objective

Learning objectives of the course:

(A) Subject-specific learning outcomes
Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:
- visualize a data distribution
- summarize data in terms of central tendency and dispersion;
- explain the difference between population and sample;
- use the correct measure to calculate and interpret the relationship
between two variables;
- find a regression equation given scores on a dependent and independent
- calculate and interpret explained variance;
- calculate and interpret percentiles and standard scores in a given
- understand how the normal distribution is the basis of many
inferential statistical tests (central limit theorem);
- test a sample distribution against a hypothesized mean or against
another sample distribution and interpret the result;
- use SPSS to describe a distribution, to show the relationship between
two variables, to estimate the value on a dependent variable given a
value on a independent variable (single regression), and to test for

Course Content

In this course, the student is introduced to the basics of statistics.
The student will acquire a basic understanding of techniques used for:
- descriptive statistics, introducing measures and graphical methods of
describing data;
- studying the relationship between two variables, introducing
correlation, chi square and regression analysis;
- statistical inference, starting with the foundation for statistical
inference (random distributions and standard scores) and ending with
estimation and hypothesis testing.

The student will learn to use the statistical software program SPSS to
describe and analyse data.
By the end of this course, the student should be able to describe and
display data and to draw valid inferences based on data by using
appropriate statistical tools.

Teaching Methods

Teaching on this course consists of lectures and interactive seminars.
Attendance of all interactive seminars is mandatory. Students who miss
more than one seminar are required to make an extra assignment to pass
the course.

Method of Assessment

Assessment for this course consists of two components:
1. Several assignments
2. Written exam


Reid, H.M. (2014). Introduction to statistics: Fundamental concepts and
procedures of data analysis. Sage Publications

General Information

Course Code R_SSPSS
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Law
Course Coordinator dr. M.V. van Koppen
Examiner dr. M.V. van Koppen
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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