Field Research


Course Objective

Students gain experience with doing anthropological field research,
which will form the empirical base of their Master's thesis.

Course Content

Anthropologists distinguish themselves from other social scientists by
using ethnography as the most important method of data collection.
During their field research, students collect the empirical data for
their Master's thesis. They experiment with various ethnographic
research techniques such as participant observation, unstructured
interviewing, visual methods, and elicitation. Being away from their
'normal', daily lives and environments, students also gain knowledge of
and experience with different life- and communication styles, ways of
dealing with local authorities and bureaucracies, culture shock, moral
dilemmas, etc. During their field research, students frequently report
back to their supervisors, keep meticulous records of their experiences
in the form of research notes and a field diary. A strict deadline for
the return is maintained, in order to make a collective start with the
final phase in the Master's program: the writing up during which
students write their Master's thesis.

Teaching Methods


Method of Assessment

Field research report

Entry Requirements

Students can only participate in this course after
- passing Theoretical Orientation on Mobility (S_TOM);
- after participating in Mobility, Diversity and Equality (S_MDE) or
City, Space and Politics (S_CSAP) or Development, Global Inequality and
Sustainability (S_DGIS) or Changing Organizational Culture (S_COC);
- after participating in Field Research Design (FRD).



Target Audience

Students in the Master’s in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Additional Information

Completion of the field research and of a field report is a requirement
for participation in the course Master's Thesis in Social and Cultural

General Information

Course Code S_FR
Credits 18 EC
Period P3+4
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Course Coordinator dr. L.A. Brouwer
Examiner dr. L.A. Brouwer
Teaching Staff dr. L.A. Brouwer

Practical Information

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