Project 2 Meeting Communication Challenges


Course Objective

Students will learn to apply information and theories about:
a. Reputations, stakeholders, and the role of communication in the
overall strategy of any person or organization that works with an
b. Evaluating an existing communication strategy, and improving its
c. Formulating a survey that is at the same time theoretically rigorous
and relevant, given the scope of the exercise

2. Students will develop skills regarding:
a. How to formulate a research question aimed at addressing the public
perception of a public person or organization
b. Formulating a survey by 1) finding existing scales that can support
the formulation of a research question, 2) adapting such scales to the
context of the chosen topic
c. Analyzing quantitative data and formulating suggestions on how to
improve the public perception of an existing communication strategy

Course Content

During this project course, students learn to apply some of the
knowledge acquired during their courses by analysing the public
perception of an organisation. Working in teams, and guided by an
instructor, students approach their analysis applying tools acquired
through their courses, such as stakeholder and SWOT analyses. As a
second step, they analyse the existing communication strategy of the
organization, focusing on both old and new media. As the core of the
course, teams are asked to construct a brief survey aimed at assessing
the public perception of their chosen object, picking variables that
could influence it. Week by week, teams are guided by instructors into
the various phases of the survey, from the formulation of a research
question, to the choice of scales, to data analysis and to the
presentation of results. Based on their knowledge built through the
semester, students formulate suggestions on how to improve the
reputation of their chosen object of research. Through the final report,
teams learn how to succinctly present results and suggest improvements.

Teaching Methods

Weekly working groups

Method of Assessment

Group presentation, Written Report

General Information

Course Code S_P2MCC
Credits 6 EC
Period P4+5+6
Course Level 200
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Course Coordinator dr. G. Ranzini
Examiner dr. G. Ranzini
Teaching Staff
dr. C.J. Beukeboom

Practical Information

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