Pre-Master Textwork


Course Objective

The goal of this course to gather relevant literature that enables
students to write a short paper describing currents views on a central
topic from the field of organization studies.

Course Content

The final part of the Premaster’s programme gives you the opportunity to
explore your interests in the field of organization studies by writing a
short paper on a topic of your own choice within the field of Culture,
Organization, and Management. More specific topics could be
cross-cultural communication, merging, emotion in organizations,
cultural change, power play, gossiping, etc. This part of the course
builds upon what you have learned during the previous courses, in
particular the Academic Writing course. Although you are largely free to
choose the literature, you are advised to concentrate on qualitative
research-based texts.

Teaching Methods

There are three tutorials in which the students are guided through the
preparation and writing of the paper.

Method of Assessment

Short, literature based paper of about 2000 words.


To be chosen by the students upon the advice of the tutor.

Target Audience

Premaster student Culture, Organization, and Management

Additional Information

Four weeks is a very short period for designing and writing a paper on a
self-chosen topic. Students are advised to bring their topic and
corresponding reading list to the first tutorial.

Explanation Canvas

Additional rules for the paper will be published on Canvas.

Recommended background knowledge

The preceding Premaster's courses.

General Information

Course Code S_PMT
Credits 3 EC
Period P4+5+6
Course Level 0
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Course Coordinator dr. F.H. Kamsteeg
Examiner dr. F.H. Kamsteeg
Teaching Staff dr. F.H. Kamsteeg

Practical Information

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