Bone Augmentation in Implant Dentistry


Course Objective

Competences according to the General Educational framework Dentistry
2008 are: II (5), VI b, m, o (5)
The student has
• in-depth knowledge of the techniques and limitations involved
with sinus lift procedures.
• in-depth knowledge of the techniques and limitations of the use
of bone substitutes in bone augmentation procedures.
• in-depth knowledge of the use of bone transplants in procedures
where extensive bone augmentation is being performed.
• knowledge of the limitations of maxillofacial surgery when
treating compromised cases when restoring oral function using implants

Course Content

Placing implants in areas with insufficient bone volume is not an easy
procedure as bone augmentation procedures are the often indicated. These
procedures vary from more straightforward grafting using deprotenized
bovine bone or other bone substitutes via sinus augmentation procedures
to more complex bone harvesting procedures from the chin or retro molar
area. Sometimes the help of the oral and maxillofacial surgeon is called
in when the necessary bone volumes get that large that the transplants
have to be harvested extra orally. This implicates in-depth knowledge
from the implantologist on harvesting techniques, the biology of the
bone ingrowth, the use of membranes and the risks of the procedures

Method of Assessment

Learning assessment
The student needs to pass all components undermentioned
• Overall assessment of assignments during the seminars (grade:
good / pass / fail)
• Written exam (50% of grade: 1-10)
• Presentation (50% of grade: 1-10)

• If the overall assessment of assignments is pass / good, the mean
grade will become visible in SAP. Otherwise the score will be NA. Pass
for this course is achieved with a grade of 5.5 or higher. Compensation
between the grades is possible.


• A choice of chapters from the following books depending on
- Bone augmentation in the esthetic area (Carlo Maiorana et al)
- Atlas of oral and extraoral bone harvesting (R Marx)
- Bone, Harvesting, grafting for dental implants . Rationale and
clinical Applications (A.K.Garg)
- ITI treatment guide 7
• Reader with selected research papers

General Information

Course Code T_BONEAUGI3
Credits 4 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 600
Language of Tuition English
Course Coordinator prof. dr. B.G. Loos MSc
Examiner prof. dr. B.G. Loos MSc
Teaching Staff drs. J.H.P. Cosse

Practical Information

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