Perio Diagnosis and Treatment Planning


Course Objective

Competences covered according to the General Educational Framework
Dentistry 2008: I a-j (5), II (5)
The student
• has in depth knowledge on the prevalences of the various periodontal
diseases in Europe, the North America’s, the Asia’s and other global
parts with the purpose to critically of past, present and future
epidemiological studies in periodontology.
• understands the current status on the causes, risks and modifying
factors of periodontal diseases in the context of the complete
pathophysiological processes.
• has thorough knowledge of available diagnostic tools and science to
critically analyse and differentiate the different forms of gingival and
periodontal diseases.
• has in depth knowledge of the science behind various treatment options
and prognosis determinations for the various forms of periodontal

Course Content

Periodontal diseases occur in various forms and depending on the form,
in different proportion of the population. This module firstly deals
with various forms of periodontal diseases and the classification and
discriminatory diagnostic procedures for each of them. Second, all
aspects of the complexity of periodontal diseases are covered: the
understanding of the etiology of the various forms and
interrelationships of the causative factors.

Subsequently this understanding will help to understand and plan for
prognosis of the course of the disease and the prognosis of then outcome
of therapy. Thirdly, the specific prevalences of periodontal diseases in
various global populations and gender specific associations will be
covered in this module, i.c. the epidemiology of periodontal diseases.
Lastly, applying knowledge on diagnosis, etiology and prognosis,
theoretical aspects of proper treatment planning and long term results
of various modes of therapy will be taught.

Teaching Methods

Literature, research and self-study; assignments; working groups,
intervision and supervision

Method of Assessment

Learning assessment
The student needs to pass all components undermentioned
• Overall assessment of assignments during the seminars (grade: Good;
Pass; or Fail)
• Written exam: open ended questions (grade: 1-10)

• A prerequisite for grade registration (grade 1-10) is successful
completion of the seminar assignments. In case of a fail for one or more
of the seminar assignments and a pass for the final exam, a 5.0 will be
registered and students will need to retake the relevant seminar


• Readers with selected papers (compulsory)
• Capita selecta from Lindhe, J., Karring, T. & Lang, N. P. (eds).
Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 5th edition, Oxford:
Blackwell Munksgaard (optional)

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General Information

Course Code T_DIAGTRPLP1
Credits 6 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Dentistry
Course Coordinator dr. M.M. Danser
Examiner dr. M.M. Danser
Teaching Staff dr. G. Aarab
prof. dr. U. van der Velden
dr. M.M. Danser
prof. dr. B.G. Loos MSc
dr. S. Paraskevas

Practical Information

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