Introduction in Endodontology – Clinic A


Course Objective

Competences covered according to the General Educational Framework
Dentistry 2008: I a-j (4), II (4), VI e, f, i (4)
The student has
• knowledge of the theory of root canal treatment mechanical
• knowledge of and is able to perform root canal preparation:
different files and concepts including modern developments.
• knowledge of and is able to perform root canal fillings:
different materials and methods.
• knowledge of and is able to perform emoval of obstructions .
• knowledge of and is able to perform placement of MTA and other
bio-ceramic materials .
• knowledge of and is able to perform cuspal coverage restorations.

Course Content

This basic training deals with the technical aspect of root canal
treatment. The objective of this course is to allow the endodontic
graduate to develop and evaluate the skills necessary to perform
satisfactory root canal therapy. Extracted teeth will be treated in the
laboratory using various canal preparations and obturating techniques.
Progress and achievement will be evaluated by sectioning teeth, clearing
teeth and radiographing teeth at various angles.
This clinical course is designed to bring the first-year students to an
advanced level that enables them to start working in the endodontic
clinic at the start of the second semester, in a team with a third-year
student and under supervision of a staff member of the endodontic

Teaching Methods

Self-study; Training; Pre-clinical work; Patient discussions; Literature
discussions; Participation

Method of Assessment

Learning assessment
• Presentation at the end of the course, which is assessed by all
members of the department

• Good; Pass; or Fail.


• Relevant clinical protocols and guidelines.
• Recent articles with a clinical focus/relevance.

Additional Information

The first-year students participate in a weekly text book discussion,
where the technical aspects of root canal treatments will be discussed.

General Information

Course Code T_E1CLINA
Credits 15 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Dentistry
Course Coordinator dr. H. Shemesh
Examiner dr. H. Shemesh
Teaching Staff dr. A.R. Ozok
drs. A.K. Braun
drs. C.J. Warnsinck
dr. H. Shemesh
drs. B.M.T. Tulp
dr. C. Boutsioukis

Practical Information

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