Introduction in Paediatric Dentistry - Pedodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning


Course Objective

Competences covered according to the General Educational Framework
Dentistry 2008 are: I (5), II (4), III (5), IV c-e (5), V d-h (5), VI
(5), VII (5)
The student has:
• in-depth knowledge of global development and current status of
paediatric dentistry
• in-depth knowledge of children’s dental, physical and psychosocial
growth and development
• in-depth knowledge and experience in acquiring the necessary
information, performing intra-and extra oral examination in a
non-threatening way, diagnosing oral pathology and behavioral problems
and assessing coping abilities, in order to provide all children
(0-18yrs) with adequate dental care
• in-depth knowledge and experience of pulpal conditions and (endodontic
treatment) of primary and young permanent teeth
• a thorough experience in assessing behavior of children and their
• a profound knowledge and experience in various treatment modalities,
both conservative and new strategies with or without the use of
• in-depth knowledge and experience in assessing oral hygiene and risk
for caries development and (re) consider/compose individual preventive
• an understanding in clinical/dental implications of various medical
paediatric conditions
• an understanding in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning
• a familiarity with digital radiographic and other imaging techniques.

Course Content

This course is meant to introduce the students to the basics of
paediatric dentistry. Based on a review of various (international)
paediatric dental textbooks and literature, students learn how
paediatric dentistry has evolved worldwide and what different (global)
views and insights there exist. By jointly discussing these paediatric
dental textbooks, a cross section of all topics that are relevant for
paediatric dentistry will be reviewed.
Furthermore, the students will be provided with appropriate knowledge
and skills to plan a complete pedodontic treatment plan. They will learn
the initial steps on how to encounter the children and their parents and
how to assess their behavior or coping abilities. All various treatment
modalities will be discussed and assessed based on evidence and
experience. Some new or unfamiliar techniques will be trained
Within this profile, the student will be provided with a number of
theoretical courses and the student will take part in pediatric
treatment planning conferences (PTPC) on a regular base.

Teaching Methods

Literature, Self-study; Seminars; Pedodontic Treatment Planning
Conferences (PTPC)

Method of Assessment

Learning assessment
• Overall assessment of assignments during the seminars, with the use of
evaluation forms (grade good; pass; fail)
• Final written exam at the end of the first year (open case questions
and multiple choice) (grade: 1-10)

A prerequisite for grade registration (grade 0-10) is successful
completion of the seminar assignments. In case of a fail for the seminar
assignment(s), and a pass for the final exam, a 5.0 will be registered
and students will need to redo the relevant seminar assignment(s)


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• Reader with selected research papers

General Information

Course Code T_INTROPD1
Credits 3 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Dentistry
Course Coordinator dr. C.C. Bonifacio DDS
Examiner dr. C.C. Bonifacio DDS
Teaching Staff W.E. van Amerongen
dr. C.C. Bonifacio DDS
drs. K.A. van Nes MSc
dr. D. Hesse

Practical Information

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