Introduction in Endodontology-Theory


Course Objective

Competences covered according to the General Educational Framework
Dentistry 2008: I a-j (5), II (5)
The student
• has an understanding of dental morphology both normal and abnormal.
• is familiarized with current procedures to instrument the canals:
rationales, methodologies and instruments
• has in depth knowledge of concepts of root canal instrumentation,
disinfection and filling and critical analysis of current available
methodologies and materials
• understands the pros, cons and indications for the different
irrigation procedures and their disinfection abilities
• can critically assess the different filling methods and materials
including new experimental ones.

Course Content

This course is meant to introduce the students to the basics of
endodontic treatment, discussing all major parts of the treatment:
endodontic opening, preparation, irrigation and obturation. Concepts of
minimally invasive endodontics will also be discussed. A combination of
theoretical seminars, self-study and pre-clinical lab work gives a
hands-on impression of different techniques and materials while
critically assessing the literature and scientific evidence. Weekly
discussions are held where both routine cases and difficult ones will be

1. Preparation I –Basics of mechanical preparation
2. Preparation II –files: materials and systems
3. Preparation III- files: concepts
4. Irrigation I – materials : hypochlorite, CHX and alternatives
5. Irrigation II- ultrasound
6. Irrigation III- other methods
7. Smear Layer
8. Obturation I -methods
9. Obturation II -Core materials and cements
10. Intra-canal disinfection

Teaching Methods

Self-study; Seminars; Working group; Presentation; Pre-clinical lab work

Method of Assessment

Learning Assessment
• Overall assessment of preclinical assignments during the seminars
(grade: Good; Pass; or Fail)
• Textbook exam (grade 1 – 10). This is a written exam.
• Presentations about the work in the skills lab (grade: Good; Pass; or

A prerequisite for grade registration (grade 1-10) is successful
completion of the seminar assignments and presentation. In case of a
fail for one or more of the seminar assignments and/or presentation and
a pass for the final exam, a 5.0 will be registered and students will
need to retake the relevant seminar assignments.


• “Pathways of the Pulp”, 11th edition, Hargreaves & Cohen (compulsory)
• “Essential Endodontology”, Orstavik & Pitt Ford (compulsory)
• “Problem solving in endodontics”, Hulsmann & Shaefer
• Reader with selected research papers (compulsory)

General Information

Course Code T_ITHEORYE1
Credits 7 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Dentistry
Course Coordinator dr. H. Shemesh
Examiner dr. H. Shemesh
Teaching Staff dr. C. Boutsioukis
dr. S.V. van der Waal
drs. A.K. Braun
drs. C.J. Warnsinck
prof. dr. P.R. Wesselink
dr. H. Shemesh

Practical Information

You need to register for this course yourself