Introduction in Oral Kinesiology – Clinic A


Course Objective

Competences covered according to the General Educational Framework
Dentistry 2008: I a-j (4), II (4), VI b, g, h, l, m, o (4)
The student
• is able to perform an extensive functional examination for the
diagnosis of TMD/orofacial pain.
• is able to make bite registration for the fabrication of an OSS.
• is able to perform a dental examination of an OSA patient.
• is able to make bite registration for the fabrication of a MAD.
• is able to perform an extensive examination of a tooth wear
• is able to execute the procedures of building up a worn dentition
with composite materials in a preclinical setting.

Course Content

This clinical course is designed to bring the first-year students on a
basic level for examining and treating TMD and OSA (straightforward
level of skills), in a team with a third-year student and under
supervision of a staff member of the OPD clinic. The basic training
deals with the following topics:
• Examination for the diagnosis of TMD/orofacial pain
• Examination of an OSA patient and of a tooth wear patient
• Bite registration
• Building up a worn dentition
Further, the first-year students participate in the weekly patient
discussions and participate in the OPD clinic as assistants of third-
year students. The students document their clinical activities in a
structured way in a portfolio. Whenever they pass the test, they will be
allowed in the OPD clinic to see their own (simple) TMD patients at the
start of the second semester.

Teaching Methods

Self-study; Training and preclinical work; Clinical work; Patient
discussions; Clinical literature discussions

Method of Assessment

Learning assessment
• Portfolio assessment

• Good; Pass; or Fail.


• Relevant clinical protocols and guidelines.
• Recent articles with a clinical focus/relevance.

General Information

Course Code T_K1CLINA
Credits 15 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Dentistry
Course Coordinator dr. P. Wetselaar
Examiner dr. P. Wetselaar
Teaching Staff dr. P. Wetselaar
dr. G. Aarab
dr. M. Koutris
prof. dr. F. Lobbezoo
A. Rollman
prof. dr. C.M. Visscher

Practical Information

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