PPE in Practice III: Governance for Society


Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, students will:
• understand the interrelation between markets, market failures,
transaction costs and institutions;
• understand how transaction costs influence economic policy making in
different contexts;
• be able to apply the transaction-cost approach to explain real life
institutions and policy;
• understand the interdisciplinary linkages between politics and
economics in disciplines such as political economy and public choice;
• understand the role of politics in economic policy making in society.

Course Content

The course provides an improved understanding of the politics of
economic policy making in the face of markets and market failures. The
conceptual framework used is the so-called ‘transaction-cost approach’.
Such costs of planning, implementing and monitoring an exchange have
proved critical to explaining many phenomena in the economic disciplines
of industrial organization, international trade theory and institutional
economics. This interdisciplinary course analyzes a variety of similar
transaction costs encountered in the political process of economic
policy making. Students will look into specific examples of policymaking
where the transaction-cost approach helps explain the operation of
different institutions and policies.
The course includes a language component that focuses on aspects of
coherence and economy of expression. In addition, practice is given on
conference presentation techniques.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and seminars (active learning groups).

Method of Assessment

Exam (50%)
Group policy project paper (50%)
Linguistic, structural and coherence-related aspects of group policy
project paper [where each individual contribution is specified]


The Making of Economic Policy: A Transaction-Cost Politics Perspective
by Avinash K. Dixit, MIT Press paperback edition, 1999, ISBN:
978-0-262-54098-8 + selected readings (to be announced)

Target Audience

Second year PPE students

Additional Information

Participation in seminars is mandatory

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Recommended background knowledge

PPE in Practice I & PPE in Practice II

General Information

Course Code W_JSM_207
Credits 6 EC
Period P3
Course Level 200
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. R.I. Luttens
Examiner dr. R.I. Luttens
Teaching Staff dr. R.I. Luttens

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Teaching Methods Lecture, Seminar*

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