Internship PPE


Course Objective

Most generally, the internship aims to stimulate the student's academic,
professional, and personal development by participation in a challenging
organizational context. The intern will directly experience working life
in a setting where PPE knowledge and skills are useful, learn to apply
them, and also find out where more knowledge and skills are needed. More
specifically, before the internship starts the academic advisor and the
student have a preparatory meeting, in which they formulate a number of
learning objectives for the internship period. These can concern
knowledge as well as personal and professional skills. Preferably, the
objectives aim at qualities that are not met in, but still compatible
with the PPE program.

Course Content

In the first semester of year 3, instead of studying abroad PPE students
can decide to do an internship. Suitable internships can be found at
profit, not-for-profit, and (semi)public organizations. Students
themselves have to actively search for an internship position; the John
Stuart Mill College will actively assist them in this process. In case a
student cannot find an internship position, he/she has to participate in
the PPE study abroad program. During the internship, a PPE staff member
will act as the student's academic advisor, besides an internship guide
appointed by the organization. The internship is not part of the PPE
bachelor thesis. Nonetheless, in their thesis project students can use
knowledge, information, and contacts obtained during the internship.
Detailed rules and suggestions can be found on Canvas.

Teaching Methods

Internships cover 30 EC, or a minimum of (30x28=) 840 hours. This
includes at least 40 hours for working on the progress report, the
internship report, and the research paper. There are no lectures or
seminars, but the academic advisor and the intern will have at least
three meetings (preparatory, midterm [if needed by Skype], and final)
during the semester.

Method of Assessment

During the internship period, the student has to do four assignments:
keep a logbook, fill out a midterm progress report form, fill out a
final internship report form, and write a brief research paper. The
academic advisor and the PPE internship coordinator assess and grade
both the internship (50%, based on the logbook and the various forms)
and the research paper (50%). Grades are registered as Fail, Sufficient,
or Good. Input from the organization's internship guide can positively
or negatively influence the grade for the internship report (not the
research paper). Detailed rules and forms can be found on Canvas.

Target Audience

Third-year PPE students

Custom Course Registration

Students who are interested in doing an internship should contact the PPE internship coordinator. An internship cannot be started without the coordinator's approval. If students are also applying for a 'study abroad' position, they must at some point decide whether they take that position or opt for the internship. Details and dates will be specified via Canvas.

General Information

Course Code W_JSM_STA
Credits 30 EC
Period P1+2+3
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. P. Overeem
Examiner dr. P. Overeem
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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