Study and Career for AI


Course Objective

Course Objectives:
- To improve your insight into the professional field and practices.
- To guide your self-assessment of strengths and ambitions
- To support your exploration of opportunities for further education and
labor market trends in your chosen field
- To develop your skills in presenting yourself effectively

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
-Assess their own values, interests, skills, and personality and be able
to make relevant connections to the world of work and career fields.
-Develop and apply sound decision-making skills in choosing career
-Broaden their knowledge of the world of work
-Write a tailored and focused CV to effectively market oneself.
-Interview in a professional and authentic style.
-Document and showcase the unique contribution they can make to an

Course Content

The world of work today is complex and dynamic. Preparing yourself for a
career and entering the labor market as a future Artificial Intelligence
graduate is a daunting yet exciting journey of self-awareness and
fulfillment. This course and the accompanying Canvas modules will help
you develop a flexible and adaptive career plan that you can use
throughout your professional life. It will provide you with the tools
you need to understand and assess your field of study in relation to
professional practice.
Note that Study and Career is a 0-ECTS course that will be graded with a
pass/fail grade and is a mandatory graduation requirement.

Teaching Methods

Course content is delivered in a variety of ways and includes online
Canvas modules, lectures, class discussions, assignments, career
assessment interpretations, guest speakers, career panel discussions,
and experiential learning.
Over 6 weeks, 6 sessions of 2 hours are scheduled in groups of maximum
30 students. During assessment week(s) Study & Career won’t be scheduled
in favour of your exam preparation. Attendance is mandatory and will
contribute to your overall grade.

Method of Assessment

All assignments are expected to be handed in on the due date. In order
to successful complete this course the following assignments are

Career Portfolio: The purpose of creating a Career Portfolio is to
enhance your career development. A Career Portfolio can help you improve
your career by raising your awareness of your assets and areas for
growth. By seeing your materials organized together, you can learn how
employers will view you, and identify skill areas you want to develop.
Your Career Portfolio will help you make decisions and take appropriate
steps to build your career. Your Career Portfolio is your branded packet
of information that documents and showcases the unique contribution that
you can add to an organization. This starter portfolio can be expanded
as you gain more experience through student organizations, work,
internship, and service experiences.
Canvas assignments: There are many tasks you will be asked to complete
both in the classroom and as assigned homework. Some assignments will be
peer reviewed.
Oral Presentation: Elevator Pitch: Students will be asked to deliver
their elevator pitch to the class for peer evaluation. Students should
introduce themselves using the guidelines from the textbook and deliver
a 30 second pitch introducing themselves to the class and including 3
statements related to their career interest.

Career Portfolio Requirements
The Career Portfolio must be submitted online (Canvas)
All Portfolios should include:
-A Cover Page – with name, address, email, cell phone, etc
-A Table of Contents
-A Cover Letter
-Your CV
-List of References
-Written Elevator Pitch
-Your Career Plan
-Other documents, pictures, articles, samples that illustrate your
skills and talents

Note: All documents included in the portfolio should be free of errors
and reflect corrections/revisions suggested in prior feedback from the


All required readings will be posted on Canvas.

Recommended readings include:

Covey, S. R. (1989) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. New York,
USA: Free Press.
Fabricant, Miller, Stark. (2014) Creating Career Success: A Flexible
Plan for the World of Work, 1st Edition, Cengage. Hyatt, M. (2018) Your
Best Year Ever: A 5-step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals.
Grand Rapids, USA: Baker Books.
Krumboltz, J., Levin A. (2004) Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of
Happenstance In Your Life and Career. Atascadero, USA: Impact

Target Audience

BSc Artificial Intelligence (Year 2)

General Information

Course Code XB_0022
Credits 0 EC
Period P2
Course Level 200
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. S. Lusini
Examiner dr. S. Lusini
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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