Bachelor Project Information Sciences


Course Objective

The objective of the Bachelor Project IMM is to gain skills required to
perform a research project. In this course, you will individually
formulate your research questions, read literature, collect and analyze
data and draw conclusions.

After successfully completing the research project, you are able to:
- describe a problem from the IMM domain (Knowledge and understanding)
- find and select relevant scientific literature (Applying knowledge and
- formulate a relevant and academically sound research question
(Applying knowledge and understanding) (Making Judgements)
- develop a research design, including appropriate data collection and
data analysis methods (Applying knowledge and understanding) (Making
- carry out a research study using the chosen literature and data
collection and analysis methods (Applying knowledge and understanding)
(Making Judgements)
- formulate concise conclusions, which provide direct answers to the
stated research question(s) (Communication)
- give a critical reflection both the scientific and practical
contributions, as well as your research limitations (Applying knowledge
and understanding) (Making Judgements)
- report on your research for a scientific audience (both written and in
an oral presentation) (Communication) (Lifelong learning skills)

Course Content

In this final course of your IMM Bachelor, you will individually work on
a scientific research project on a topic of your choice in the IMM

You will design and complete a research project from beginning to end.
This includes both theoretical and empirical work. You will define a
research question, and develop a research design. After collecting your
data, you will analyze your data in order to answer your research
question. You will describe your findings in a research paper and
present your work in a poster presentation and an oral presentation.

Teaching Methods

Lectures, group meetings.

Method of Assessment

- research paper: research execution (20%) and final report (40%)
- oral presentation (15%)
- poster presentation (15%)
- attitude and performance during the project. (10%)

Target Audience

BSc Information Sciences (year 3)

Additional Information

More detailed information is offered in the Bachelor Project manual.
Read it carefully for an overview of the project itinerary.

Recommended background knowledge

Students should have completed (almost) all other courses within the
bachelor programme.

General Information

Course Code XB_40003
Credits 12 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. S. Lusini
Examiner dr. S. Lusini
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

You need to register for this course yourself

Last-minute registration is available for this course.

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