Current Clinical Issues


Course Objective

The aim of this course is to bring you into contact with problems that
clinicians face in every day practice, and to mobilize your knowledge on
biomedical technology and physics in order to come up with a possible
solution. In addition you will practice your written and oral
presentation skills.

Course Content

In this course clinicians will present to you the specialization they
work in, and problems they face in every day practice. In particular
problems regarding technology and biomedical physics. What would they
like to see improved, what is it they want to do but cannot do now? This
question is posed to you, and you are asked to come up with a solution.
To come up with a solution you can use the knowledge you have gained
from your other courses, perform a literature study, and interview
relevant researchers. You will present your solution in the form of a
technical paper and an oral presentation.

Teaching Methods

During period 1 and 2 every 2 weeks there will be a lecture, typically
at the end of the day or early evening, attendance is obligatory. In
period 3 and 4 you choose a subject for your research, your perform a
literature study, you may interview researchers of clinicians and you
write a technical paper. If you want, you can use the course Scientific
Writing to help you with the process of writing. At the end of period 4
you hand in the paper and there will be a symposium organized for all

Method of Assessment

The assessment is in the form of a written and oral report. Assessed
will be if you have mastered the research question, if you have
sufficiently analyzed the question, if you demonstrate sufficient
knowledge of your proposed scientific or technological solution and if
all is presented in a clear and scientific way.

Target Audience

Master students in Biomedical Technology and Physics

General Information

Course Code XM_0064
Credits 6 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator prof. dr. M.L. Groot
Examiner prof. dr. M.L. Groot
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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