Systems Biology in Practice


Course Objective

The aim of the course is to get acquainted with the interdisciplinary
approach of experimental microbial physiology, transcriptome analysis
and proteome analysis. Students will learn how information obtained by
experiments at the level of cellular behaviour, genetic profile and
enzymatic make-up can be combined in order to get insight in the
mechanisms underlying regulation and adaptation of microbial organisms.
Students will be introduced to the basic techniques and principles of
microbial physiology, transcriptome analysis, massspectrometry and data

Course Content

Throughout the course, the same experimental material will be used.
Microorganisms will be cultured under a set of different conditions in
the group Molec Microbial Phys and their physiology will be quantified
in terms of metabolic fluxes. Transcriptome analysis of the cells will
show how and to what extent the environment affects the metabolic
network at the genetic level. Finally the same cells will be analyzed at
the level of their protein composition by a proteomic analysis and by
enzyme activity assays in vitro. Lectures on more general subjects of
Microbiol Systems Biology will be organized to give the students a
flavor of practice and application.
The content of the course can be summarized:
o Theory and practice growth of bacterial growth, flux analysis,
biochemical assays;
o Theory and practice of genetic tools, gene expression,
o Theory and practice of mass spec and proteomics;
o Data analysis, protein identification, systems biology of micro

Teaching Methods

o Lecture
o Practicals

Method of Assessment

Written thesis, written lecture abstracts and oral presentation.


o Lecture contents

General Information

Course Code XM_0079
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. F. Branco dos Santos
Examiner dr. F. Branco dos Santos
Teaching Staff dr. ir. K.A. Feenstra

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Teaching Methods Seminar, Lecture, Computer lab, Practical