Master Project Information Sciences


Course Objective

The Master Project is the culmination of the Information Sciences Master

During the course, students will:
-develop scientific and professional skills; (Lifelong learning skills)
-demonstrate the ability to incorporate an element of originality or
creativity into their research, for example in performing a design task
or in contributing to the solution or the analysis of a scientific
problem; (Apply knowledge and understanding) (Make judgements)
-be able to interact with the business field (and possibly with other
students); (Lifelong learning skills) (Communication)
-develop the ability to plan a project; (Apply knowledge and
understanding) (Make judgements)
-develop the ability to document and present the final results. (Apply
knowledge and understanding) (Communication)

Course Content

The Master Project IS concludes the Master programme. The typical form
is in essence either an internal graduation project in one of the
research groups of the Department of Computer Science, or an internship
within a professional organization. In most cases it will be performed
as an individual project, but it can take on the form of a group project
as well - as long as the individual contribution can be clearly
distinguished. For additional information and rules we refer to the
website of the Faculty of Exact Sciences. There, you will also be able
to find links to the web pages of the research groups of the Department
of Computer Science, with options for master projects.

Teaching Methods

The Master Project always needs to be supervised by a staff member. In
the case of an internship, the supervision takes place in cooperation
with a company supervisor. An internship proposed by a student always
needs prior approval from a staff member who will act as supervisor for
the project. In this way, the scientific depth of the project can be

Method of Assessment

The final grade will be based on the quality of the performed research
(20%), the written thesis (60%), and the oral presentation (20%).

Additional Information

You will find useful documentation on all aspects of internships and the
Master Project at the website of the Internship Office. This office can
also give you advise about internships. It also makes sense to check out
the web profiles of potential supervisors, e.g. to gather ideas on

General Information

Course Code XM_405083
Credits 18 EC
Period Ac. Year (sept)
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. T. Kuhn MSc
Examiner dr. T. Kuhn MSc
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

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