Organic Chemistry

This course is offered in Dutch. Some of the descriptions may therefore only be available in Dutch.

Course Objective

The student…
1. can name and classify the different types of covalent (polar/apolar)
and non-covalent bonds (H-bridge, van der Waals, polar, ionic)
2. recognizes the spatial structure of an organic molecule, can
recognizes and name the different functional groups and understand their
physical properties.
3. knows and can apply molecular orbital theory.
4. can draw reaction mechanisms and identify a nucleophile and
5. recognizes steric effects and their influence on the outcome of
6. can distinguish electronic effects (inductive / conjugation) and
apply their influence to the outcome of reactions.
7. can draw reaction mechanisms of heterolytic and homolytic reactions
according to the "curly arrow" principle.
8. recognizes basic and acidic molecules and can arrange them in water
in order of strength.
9. can describe the kinetics (speed equations, equilibria) and
thermodynamics (free energy, enthalpy and entropy) of organic and
biochemical reactions.
10. can define the differences between the terms intermediary and
transition state.
12. understands the influence of solvents on the course of reactions.
13. knows the basic reactions of carbonyl compounds.

Course Content

This course is given in English.
The course gives a general introduction into Organic Chemistry including
- functional groups
- relevant properties of water (acid / base properties, covalent and
non-covalent bonds)
- polarity of organic molecules, nucleophiles, electrophiles,
- conjugation
- equilibria
- reactivity of carbonyl compounds

Teaching Methods

The course will involve lectures (2x 45 min each) and seminars
(including peer-to-peer work). Attendance is not mandatory, but highly
advisable. Students are expected to act in a self-responsible manner.

Method of Assessment

The course will involve one final exam:
Final exam (Content: Clayden chapters 2, 4 – 8, 10, 11)
Re-sit exam (Content same as final exam)

Explanation Canvas

Lecture slides and seminar problem sets will be available via Canvas.

General Information

Course Code X_401110
Credits 3 EC
Period P4
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition Dutch
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator prof. dr. T.N. Grossmann
Examiner prof. dr. T.N. Grossmann
Teaching Staff prof. dr. T.N. Grossmann
N.M. McLoughlin
M. Wendt
F.M. Pauluβen

Practical Information

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Teaching Methods Seminar, Lecture
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