Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems


Course Objective

The course takes a form of an interactive seminar that is based on a
selection of recently published papers that have a strong impact on the
design of distributed systems. Specifically, we will cover recent
advancements in the networking technologies, high-performance network
APIs, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) networking, modern Remote
Procedure Call (RPC) frameworks, distributed transactions, design of
cloud-scale storage systems, design of commercial cloud stacks (Google,
Facebook, Microsoft), and emerging topics (serverless, machine learning,
rack-scale computing), etc. We will provide a curated list of recently
published papers to cover these topics. The key objective of the seminar
is to teach students the design, details, and challenges associated with
building high-performance distributed systems using modern hardware. The
secondary goal is to educate students how to read papers, write reviews,
and give informative presentations in an interactive setting.

Course Content

This seminar broadly covers recent research topics in distributed
systems (last 10 years) focusing specifically on the use of modern
hardware. Students will learn about important aspects of distributed
systems design regarding use of the modern hardware technology
(networking, storage, computation). After this course the students will
be able to understand and critically discuss advanced topics regarding
use of modern hardware, performance, scale, and distributed ecosystems.
The acquisition of this knowledge is important to understand how the
field of distributed system is emerging, and how future
cloud/distributed systems in practice will be shaped.

Teaching Methods

Each session we will discuss 2 closely-related papers in detail. There
will be 20 minutes presentation on each paper from students (who will
also lead the discussion), and then an open, conference program
committee (PC) style discussion regarding the (i) content and
contributions; (ii) strengths; and (iii) weaknesses (and what could be
improved) of the presented papers. Every student is expected to read all
papers and send reviews of the papers 48 hours before the seminar. The
format for the review will be provided. For this seminar we expect the
students to actively participate by means of presentations and

Method of Assessment

Reviews (40%), presentations (30%), classroom participation (30%)

Entry Requirements

Distributed Systems (X_400130).


A (selection of a) list of papers, reflecting recent developments.

Target Audience


Additional Information

This course is only accessible for mPDCS students.

General Information

Course Code X_405022
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 600
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator dr. ir. A.K. Trivedi
Examiner dr. ir. A.K. Trivedi
Teaching Staff dr. ir. A.K. Trivedi

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