International Financial Management


Course Objective

The objective of the course is to acquaint students with the
developments in international financial markets from a perspective of
managerial decision making. The course is designed to provide future’s
financial managers with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and
the tools necessary to be effective global managers. The aim is to
provide students with an understanding of these concepts and techniques
used in risk management. (Academic and research skills) The students
will develop skills in reading and understanding academic papers as well
as critical thinking on economic events with a focus on the financial
aspects of managerial decisions. (Bridging Theory and Practice) They are
encouraged to improve analytical thinking abilities, to think beyond the
boundaries of economics and finance theories. (Broadening your Horizon)

Course Content

During the course, we will mainly discuss the structure of financial
markets (foreign exchange, fixed income and equity markets) and explore
the issues that are encountered by multinational enterprises, with an
emphasis on risk management. When having completed this course, students
will have a clear understanding how financial markets work and how the
multinational firm interacts with other market participants. In
particular, students will:
- understand the development of the international monetary system and
other financial institutions,
- be acquainted with different financial instruments used to manage
foreign exchange rate risk (forwards, futures, options)
- be acquainted with the specifics of various financial markets (money,
bond, equity)
- learn how to manage foreign exchange risk and interest risk in a
multinational firm.

Teaching Methods


Method of Assessment

Written exam – Individual assessment
Assignment(s) – Group assessment


1. Eun & Resnick: International Finance, Global Edition. McGraw-Hill.
2. Additional articles and/or cases (announced at the start of the

Recommended background knowledge

2.2 Finance; 3.4 Financial Modelling and Derivatives; 2.5 Finance II

2.2 Finance; 2.5 Corporate Finance in Emerging Economies; 3.4 Financial
Modelling and Derivatives

General Information

Course Code E_IBK3_IFM
Credits 6 EC
Period P5
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty School of Business and Economics
Course Coordinator dr. K.L. Wolk
Examiner dr. K.L. Wolk
Teaching Staff

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Teaching Methods Seminar, Instruction course, Lecture
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