Linear Algebra


Course Objective

After successfully completing this course,
- the student has a working knowledge of the concepts of matrix algebra
and finite-dimensional linear algebra, such as echelon form,
lu-decomposition, linear independence, determinants
- the student is familiar with the general theory of finite-dimensional
vector spaces, in particular with the concepts of basis and dimension
- the student is familiar with the concepts of eigenvalues and
eigenvectors, diagonalization
and singular value decomposition and can apply these concepts in basic
applications in
discrete time dynamical systems,
- has working knowledge of the concepts of inner product spaces and
matrices acting in inner product spaces,
including orthogonal projections and diagonalization of symmetric

Course Content

- systems of linear equations
- linear (in)dependence
- linear transformations and matrices
- matrix operations
- determinants
- vector spaces and subspaces
- basis and dimension
- rank of a matrix, dimension theorem
- coordinate systems and change of basis
- eigenvalues and eigenvectors
- diagonalization of matrices
- inner product, length and orthogonality
- orthogonal bases and least-squares problem
- diagonalization of symmetric matrices
- quadratic forms
- singular value decomposition

Teaching Methods

2 lectures and 1 exercise class per week

Method of Assessment

Six bi-weekly tests (20 percent, only the best five are taken into
account), a midterm exam (40 percent) and a final exam (40 percent).
There is a resit. For students taking the resit the final grade is
determined by the maximum of the following two numbers: 0.2 times the
average of the best five tests plus 0.8 times the result of the resit
and just the resit.


David C. Lay, Stephen R. Lay and Judi J. McDonald, Linear Algebra and
its Applications, 5th edition, Pearson Global Edition, ISBN-13

Target Audience


General Information

Course Code X_400042
Credits 6 EC
Period P4+5
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator S. de Jong
Examiner prof. dr. A.C.M. Ran
Teaching Staff S. de Jong

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Teaching Methods Seminar, Lecture
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